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Cathy and James Testimonial

Cathy describes how the clues provided by Dr Harley helped take her son James from the misery of eczema to the happiness of healthy skin. No drugs were needed once Cathy knew what was going on in her son's skin and how to let his skin heal itself.

Phili Describes how she got her son Barnaby out of eczema and then used the knowledge to end her own hand eczema. Her next child benefited from Phili having control and confidence.

Sophie’s testimonial covers some really important points most people do not know. Her little girl Sienna now has wonderful skin years later.

Jonathan describes how they ended their daughter’s eczema the natural way with advice from Dr Harley. They learned that the redness in her skin was there to provide them with a sign of what to do. In fact she had heat rashes until the medical treatments turned the rashes into eczema. A wonderful lesson in gaining control and allowing balance to prevail.