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Addressing you as one who has a life of valuable experiences to share, the fun begins. Many people have gained health and happiness through my activities, people who willingly testify to how much I care about others.

I’m Dr Harley Farmer, a story teller who enjoys happy endings. 

I use novels like The Reaper’s Rainbow and The Black Tigress to deliver core messages within thrilling tales. More confidence and trust are generated when you guide people to their own realisations through a good story. Thrill them and scare them by all means, as long as they benefit from the message.

What induced me to launch the Dr Harley brand after so many years? It was all those people saying how much they trusted the name and how many more people would be helped by focusing attention on the person behind the story; the influencer of change.

How does one person, even one with a PhD, many degrees and high levels of trust, achieve so much? The answer derives from a one-word question; HOW? Those three letters usually represent barriers creating limiting beliefs.  

Try rearranging the letters into another one-word question; WHO?

That creates choice. I can choose to battle against the HOW question or look around to see WHO shares my values in bringing health and happiness. It’s gratifying to see how many want to help.

WHO would like to help me end eczema of the skin for many millions of people all over the world? My book What is Eczema? A path to ending the misery contains happy endings to the stories of many people who’d been told they could never end the eczema. Now they’re living lives in balance with beautiful skin and want to actively share their personal stories with such happy endings. Through the EXeczema® programme they were reminded that prevention is better than cure and they learned the scientific way to avoid turning a skin rash into eczema.

That’s the power of WHO? 

When you allow others to help and provide them with a just cause based on inclusive values, many will rally to the call with the confidence to expand your message.

Bringing health and happiness has always been my purpose. To share that happiness is fun. Which of the buttons at the top of this page would lead you to greatest health and happiness? Go on; hit that button and share the fun.