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Who benefits from eczema?

Posted 30/08/2016 - By Harley Farmer

Who benefits from eczema? Someone must as hundreds of millions of people are trapped in the eczema cycle and that high level of achievement must be good for someone or it would not be maintained.

We know the hundreds of millions suffering from eczema certainly don’t benefit; eczema is prolonged misery. So who does benefit?

I certainly make some tremendous friends when I end eczema in families. I count that as a wonderful benefit yet by definition I’ve ended the eczema and ensured it did not come back. I gain a few pounds selling books with the information needed to succeed in ending eczema yet I also provide that information free of charge on websites. I also sell skincare products for people to use while their skin is fixing itself yet when it’s appropriate I also advise some parents to use things like salty water rather than my products. Watch the videos here for explanations.

My aim is to end eczema and my accountants assure me that at the moment it’s an expensive hobby rather than a thriving business.

So why do I do it? Because I believe in people. I can never expect to reach hundreds of millions of people by myself. I need tens of millions of people to help and trust that each of those helps ten more. The maths is simple; the achievement is more of a challenge!

Why would those people want to help? Because it’s a really wonderful feeling to look into the eyes of a young child who you have just freed from the misery of eczema. Every time it happens someone benefits from that wonderful feeling. It’s amusing to see how addicted people become to that benefit. They actively seek more children with eczema and for no financial reward they share the three clues needed to have another set of young eyes say “Thank you”.

My purpose is to achieve happiness through healthy skin. My mission is to improve the skin of 75 million people before 2020. To achieve the latter I’m going to need a lot of new friends who want to make new friends. I certainly won’t be paying them and since the information needed is free of charge they won’t be charging anyone. We will simply be wallowing in that lovely warm feeling of knowing we’ve just helped another child escape the eczema trap.

Might there be drug companies, suppliers of skincare products for use on dry and eczematous skin, or perhaps some dermatologists, who benefit from maintaining eczema? I’m too busy ending eczema to bother with that question.

Where would you like to place your efforts; fanning a conspiracy theory or ending eczema?

It’s fun bringing happiness through healthy skin. There are still many millions who will benefit from the free information you can share. Begin your journey at dr-harley.com