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Time away from eczema.

Posted 04/07/2016 - By Harley Farmer

Time away from eczema is something many parents tell me they crave. Their child became trapped in the eczema cycle and despite valiant efforts they can’t escape.

Yesterday I spent a happy sunny day in Halifax, Yorkshire, assisting the RSPCA with their K9 Party in the Park. For many years the local RSPCA branch has relied on our disinfectants to keep their premises safe for the animals they rescue. We share the value of prevention. My veterinary qualifications make it logical that I would be judging events at their dog party.

Odd as it may seem, it was infection control which led to me finding a way to end eczema in children. My work to prevent infections in human hospitals made it logical to end the product-induced eczema on nurses’ hands. If they had damaged hands they were less likely to conduct hand hygiene so I made skincare products which allowed their damaged skin to repair itself, while simultaneously stopping infection transfer via their hands.

Some of the nurses liked the products so much they took them home and washed their children. Then I began receiving phone calls where mothers I did not know were thanking me for “curing” their child’s eczema.

There was logic in it as I had created a way of allowing the nurses’ skin to heal itself without the need for treatment. I had provided them with gentle skincare products which meant they could stop using their previous products which had caused the eczema. When they stopped causing the eczema their skin quickly recovered within weeks.

When the products which had been causing the children’s eczema were removed their skin healed itself, again within weeks and without the need for treatment.

Neither the adult hand eczema nor the childhood eczema had been a disease which needed treatment. Both were caused by products and removing the damaging products allowed the skin to heal itself.

And that explains why Dr Harley, well known for ending childhood eczema, was judging groups at a dog show.

For me it was time away from eczema. I look forward to helping many more parents achieve time away from eczema by showing them how to let their child’s skin heal itself.

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