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Thank you Susan

Posted 21/04/2016 - By Harley Farmer

When you don’t seek reward for your efforts certain events mean more when they happen.

I was up early this Saturday aiming to service all the emails in readiness for a relaxed morning in Cambridge at our favourite coffee spot followed by an afternoon in the garden. All fairly normal.

Then into my Inbox came a wonderful thank you note from Susan Ellis. I remember the day many years ago when I first met Susan. My wife Anne-Marie was in Australia and I was basically wasting time in the All Saints Art and Craft Market in Cambridge, England. As a student I had done a lot of leatherwork and have always enjoyed talking to people who make things with their hands. I noticed a stall-holder I hadn’t seen before and learned it was her first time in the market. I was intrigued by her low prices and ventured to ask how she could be making a profit.

The result was my strong suggestion that she put her prices up. Her work was brilliant and distinct, so it seemed a chance to ensure she could make a good living and continue to serve the international visitors who flock to this market.

She did I watched her tension turn into delight as her next few customers happily paid the new prices. Having done my bit to help someone I didn’t know I bought something for a niece of mine (at the higher price) and went on my way to waste time somewhere else.

Susan’s handmade jewellery business thrived and years later she is a regular at the market. Anne-Marie has bought jewellery from her and we’ve struck up a friendship.

I had always been aware Susan had Chronic Hand Eczemas and I’m always careful to not intervene on such topics. However one October several years back she mentioned that it was so bad she had trouble bending her fingers. The intense pain was obvious. That induced me to ask if she wanted to end it by that Christmas. She’s an ex-nurse and knows you can’t just “end” Chronic Hand Eczema of the severity she had to endure.

Anne-Marie and I decided to push and the challenge was set — and achieved.  That’s what Susan was thanking me for in her Facebook comment. Obviously she had thanked me before but this is the first time I’ve done a public Facebook campaign with my work to end eczema and she wanted her written thanks to be viewed by all those who Like her Facebook page.

That’s why it meant so much to me. We can’t know who around the world will see her post and we simply hope someone will learn how even severe chronic eczema can be ended. Hear it from someone who did it.

Thank you Susan for publicly sharing your success story. https://www.facebook.com/Sellisjewellery