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Nature can help end eczema.

Posted 10/08/2016 - By Harley Farmer

Nature is there to help as we’re all Nature’s children. As we learn more we say we’re clever for discovering new things. The more we discover the cleverer we say we are and the more we can ignore Nature.

People suffer when Nature is ignored.

Eczema is a classic example. In the last century we’ve discovered a lot about chemistry and developed skincare products. That’s fine when people like the feel of a product on their skin. You might say their skin “likes it”.

Yet Nature created diversity so we’re all individuals. For every skincare product there will a person whose skin “does not like it”. Their skin will go red as the skin uses inflammation to push out the product it does not like. That redness, which is induced by the product, is called Atopic Eczema. The word Atopic is a ‘clever’ way of saying we basically don’t understand why the skin has gone red. We don’t understand why eczema happens and we elevate it to the status of a disease. We’ve cleverly taught ourselves that a disease needs a treatment and since we’re clever at discovering treatments all is well.

Ignoring Nature means people with eczema suffer.

This person’s skin “does not like” the product yet we keep applying it anyway. We say we’re managing Atopic Eczema.

If we were listening to Nature, we would realise the redness has a perfectly simple explanation. Rather than introducing a clever word like Atopic, might the really clever path be to ask why the inflammation is there? You then realise the product is causing the eczema. My phrase Product Maintained Dermatitis reinforces this point.

When you remove the product there’s nothing to maintain the dermatitis and the skin heals itself. There never was a disease and the need for the clever word Atopic disappears.

A dose of humility was needed. The willingness to stand back and ask what we are doing to this wondrous person Nature created. Some people ask why Nature is making this person suffer. I prefer to ask what Nature is telling us and act on the answer.

If “their skin does not like it, their skin does not like it”. Is that too simple for clever people? Perhaps it is. When it causes children to suffer from eczema it becomes a serious problem.

When we hear what Nature is saying we have a choice:

  • we can manage eczema by applying the product the skin does not like and is acting against, or
  • we can end eczema by stopping the use of that product on that individual.

When Nature is shouting a warning, I listen. When people with eczema listen to my translation of what nature is shouting, the eczema is ended and does not come back.

I prefer happiness through healthy skin to being overly clever.

If you want to know more about how we let nature help end eczema please watch this video