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National Eczema Week … again

Posted 15/09/2016 - By Harley Farmer

It’s National Eczema Week … again.

But will the full truth be revealed to the suffering public?

It’s been 25 years since the cause of most Atopic Eczema was revealed in a highly respected peer-reviewed dermatology journal. I regularly review the medical literature and I’ve never seen any counter-evidence suggesting the 1992 evidence was wrong. That’s the way medicine works; if evidence is not proven wrong then it’s right. They haven’t refuted it, yet it seems they have ignored it.

What was this revelation from a quarter of a century back?

That the water-proof layer formed by mineral oil does not form on the SURFACE of the skin as is usually claimed; it forms INSIDE the skin disrupting the layers of fat which should be controlling water loss. That reduces the capacity of the Skin Barrier, a very specific layer just below the surface of the skin. Once the Skin Barrier is disrupted the skin feels dry and mineral oil in skincare products can get in causing the inflammation we call Eczema.

Since 1992 moisturisers and emollients containing mineral oils in their many forms should not have been used on anything but perfectly healthy skin. Eczema is not healthy skin.

  • Most emollients being suggested for managing eczema contain mineral oil.
  • Most moisturisers being sold for use on dry skin contain mineral oil.

That’s quite sad, isn’t it?

This vital evidence has been available so long that eczema should be a thing of the past. It simply should not be happening now as we have new skincare products free of mineral oil.

James had beautiful skin within weeks of his parents being given the evidence. You can see his mum Cathy in the video on the home page.

If your eczema advisers do not share this evidence with you during National Eczema Week email me on drh@dr-harley.com and I will.