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Jenna’s path to eczema freedom

Posted 25/07/2016 - By Harley Farmer

“How long will it take to end eczema?” is a question I’m asked. Like any journey, it depends on where you start. Two-year-old Jenna was in a bad place when her mum Sapna chose to start her on our path. The eczema was very established and one elbow was infected.

Sapna has given permission for this to be shared as it’s such a wonderful success story. The happy ending is great and this post is written to show how rough the path was and what support was provided.

To help describe the journey I’ll show segments from some of the many emails I shared with Sapna. Jenna’s eczema was well established and infected so her journey will be slower than most. We present it here to provide hope to other mothers.

Harley day 8 Take your time and be gentle with the new skin. I would like to see photos every couple of days (every day would be better) as towards the end of the second week can sometimes throw up some surprises and it is best to have a lot of photos for comparison. You are doing a brilliant job.

Sapna also day 8 Thank you. I will continue to send photos daily. I really do hope her eczema ends soon, she has suffered for so long, it brings tears to my eyes.

Harley day 9 The beauty now is that you can hope. Two weeks ago you had no reason to hope. That is a wonderful change in a remarkably short time.

Sapna day 39 Today I see a major difference, much smoother new skin. Still little dry but definitely has changed for the better. Her scars and marks seem to be going slowly. I finally feel there is light at the end of the tunnel. Jenna seems like a much happier child. Thank you.

Harley day 40 You are both doing a brilliant job.  Keep going.  Given where Jenna started from just a few weeks back the change is dramatic. Now you will see the power of positive thinking as Jenna will begin to appreciate freedom from the misery.

And then the big one! This is a screen shot from our Facebook page.

Sapna end

20 July was long after Jenna’s skin had healed and Sapna was playing safe before revealing their fantastic success to her fellow Facebook Mums.

“How long will it take me to achieve such happiness through healthy skin?” is one very good question you might ask. Another is “When will I start?”

Even bad infected eczema can be ended, as Sapna wants you to know.

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