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“How can you end eczema when others can’t?”

Posted 15/06/2016 - By Harley Farmer

I’m often asked the question:

“How can you end eczema when others can’t?”

I really like the question as it reveals a desire to learn. In previous years I was more used to hearing the aggressive statement:

“Others can’t end eczema so neither can you!”

It’s good that we’ve progressed from the negative statement to the probing question, isn’t it?

I’m certainly not alone in ending eczema so who else in being successful? The vast majority of children who ever had eczema grew out of it and went on to live with normal healthy skin. Their eczema ended and never came back. The evidence is that eight out of ten children grow out of eczema.

That prompts the question of why the other two out of ten stay in eczema? What maintains their eczema when most of the children around them develop lovely healthy skin? Answers to those questions can be found in my book ‘What is eczema? A path to ending the misery’ which you can buy here.

What is eczema? A path to ending the misery.

Let’s revisit the first question and challenge the premise that “others can’t” in light of the evidence that others do it every day and have been doing so for decades. What would happen if the question was rewritten with that evidence in place? The question would be:

“How can you end eczema when others can?”

The simple answer is that I do what the others do. I listened to them and they told me how to help others end the misery.

Now we have scope for a really probing question.

Who is saying that eczema can’t be ended? 

It’s certainly NOT the children who have ended it. It’s definitely not their delighted parents.

It’s the people who prefer a different perspective to the 80% who grew out of eczema.

When someone views eczema as a disease they tend to seek the advice of a doctor, they’re advised on treatments and it’s likely they’ll learn there is no cure so all they can do is manage it. That is one perspective.

In contrast, I ask why the immune system caused the red inflammation in the person’s skin? The answer allows the cause to be removed so the skin can heal itself.

To be perfectly honest I don’t end eczema; the person’s skin does. I simply help the person or their parents see how that can be achieved.

The help I provide is based on medical evidence. You can see that evidence with a list of the peer-reviewed articles cited in the appendix of my book which you can obtain by clicking on https://uk.dr-harley.com/colle...