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Happy Christmas, isn’t it?

Posted 24/12/2015 - By Harley Farmer

Happy Christmas” will be said around the world tomorrow. The faces and eyes of children will have that amazing sparkle of excitement we love to see.

Will Christmas day be happy for children with eczema? Or just another day of misery? How many times on Christmas day will their parents say “Stop scratching” knowing it results in more scratching and more misery for child and parent. Christmas is a day of sharing and all that eczema misery will be shared around the world. Yet again.

Now for the Happy bit! 

Thank Heaven for that you might say. Yet you can be forgiven for wondering where I plan to find anything happy in this topic?

This photo of Sienna was sent to me a few days ago. I’m sure you’ll agree she looks really happy in her Santa hat. And the relevance, you might ask?

Have a look at her hands. They’re a bit red. That’s because this was the first day they had been left uncovered for ages. Sienna had bad eczema and spent so much time scratching her mother was forced to cover the tiny hands. A friend of mine suggested her mother learn of the work I do in helping parents end eczema without using drugs. I guide them to realise eczema is an imbalance in the skin and they can re-establish the balance and see their child produce new lovely skin. Sienna came into my world in mid-December and once mutual trust had been created I asked her mother what it would feel like to have her free of eczema for Christmas?

The picture which formed in her mother’s mind would have been amazing, wouldn’t it?

Several days later I received this photo. Imagine the warm, deep, joyous feeling I felt! When I was given permission to share it here I was even happier. Sienna and her family will have a wonderful Christmas and the fact that I’m allowed to share that news with the world brings great joy to my heart. Just over a week before I had seen my first photos of Sienna and could see she was caught in the Eczema Trap. The prospect of misery for a family Christmas has transformed into the realisation that eczema brings a choice: manage it or end it. Sienna’s mother chose ‘end it’ and this “picture paints a thousand words”.

Happy Christmas.

What would I like for Christmas next year? Thousands of photos like this would be very welcome, thank you.

Today, on Christmas eve, millions of children around the world are preparing for a miserable Christmas.

Would you like to make a real difference?

Imagine how Greta who introduced Sienna’s mum to me is feeling today. Would you like to share that wonderful heart-warming feeling next Christmas? All you need do is have the families contact me and sit back.

Who will be in your Happy Christmas photo next year?

Dr Harley Farmer PhD BVSc(hons) BVBiol(path) MRCVS

Lifelong romantic and creator of dreams.