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Happiness from Misery

Posted 13/04/2016 - By Harley Farmer

Eczema and Happiness are unlikely word partners, wouldn’t you agree?

Recall the look of abject misery on a tiny child’s face as it scratches the red itchy eczematous skin. Then focus on the eyes; misery personified. Really horrible.

Then why do I persist in bringing the two words together?

Because the misery of eczema can be turned into bounteous happiness within weeks.

That’s a bold statement which warrants justification. Rather than hear mine, try listening to Cathy who turned her son’s misery into happiness in two weeks. You can see social proof in her video testimonial at bit.ly/1WmKFqW or just enjoy this photo taken on James’ first birthday, several months after his severe eczema was ended.

Granted youimage1 can’t see his eyes as they’re shut, although that’s amply compensated for by the joyful mouth being wide open! You simply can’t hide such happiness.

As a child Cathy had spent too long in the eczema cycle having one skincare product after another tried on her eczema. None of them worked and she refused to allow James into that pernicious cycle. Her good friend Sarah remembered a talk I had given to the Dorset Breastfeeding Peer Support group who advise mothers on breastfeeding. Sarah provided my details and Cathy took decisive action. It was that action which saved her tiny son from the prolonged misery Cathy’s doctors said was James’ plight.

What action did Cathy take?


  • emailed me seeking direct assistance
  • watched the 12 short videos on execzema.org where I explain eczema and why you can end it for good so easily
  • provided daily photos so the best personal advice could be provided
  • adhered to the advice
  • read my book What is Eczema? A path to ending the misery.
  • believed in success and
  • remained adamant a better way forward existed.

Cathy now helps in whatever way she can. She’s told numerous people that eczema is now a matter of choice and there’s simply no reason to persist with the misery.

Childhood should be fun and that’s what most parents want for their children. I say ‘most’ as it’s becoming painfully obvious that some prefer to doggedly follow the paradigm about there being no cure for eczema. By ‘no cure’ they mean that no skincare product known to the doctors will overcome the inflammation of eczema.

I believe the doctors are correct. Once a child is in the eczema cycle with emollients and moisturisers applied all over their skin every day, adding one extra product will make no difference.

The eczema cycle with its inherent skin inflammation is a response to chemicals being in the wrong place. The products suggested by the doctor are supposed to stay ON the skin. However in eczema those products go down skin cracks and are detected by the immune system IN the skin. The only response available is inflammation in order to expel the foreign products. Therefore the inflammation which characterises eczema is the desired and proportionate response. Ending it with steroids without establishing why it’s there is acting against the interests of the patient.

Cathy realised there is another way. Rather than hoping for a cure, she simply opted for no eczema. The resultant happiness speaks for itself.