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Eczema explained.

Posted 02/08/2016 - By Harley Farmer

It’s nice to be in good company and confusion over eczema allows that. Medical advice centres on how to manage eczema which leads people to believing eczema can’t be cured. In fact the vast majority of people who ever had eczema cured it; their eczema ended and never returned.

Ample grounds for confusion, wouldn’t you agree? If you feel confused you’re in good company with those who seek complexities in eczema.

Seeking complexity is one way of approaching eczema. Seeking simplicity is another.

Complexity goes with no cure whereas simplicity allows you to end eczema forever. It’s the same eczema with completely different outcomes.

When doctors see a child with red patches of skin they must determine whether it’s eczema. That may involve applying emollient to the red areas and checking again in a week. What if the emollient turned what had been a simple skin rash into eczema?

Could eczema be caused by the treatment? Yes, as the medical evidence proves when you look hard enough.

To overcome the confusion it helps to distinguish between skin rashes and eczema. Have a look at the video called ‘5 Cards’ on dr-harley.com where you’ll see eczema explained.

You gain a very simple choice;

                    manage eczema with products or end eczema with knowledge.

Eczema is being permanently ended within weeks when people utilise that simple message.

If your child has eczema you can watch the 7 minute video or keep managing your child’s eczema. Will that be for 7 weeks or 7 months or even 7 years?

I like to generate happiness through healthy skin and hope you will take the 7 minute option. Please click below.