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Eczema: cure or end?

Posted 14/07/2016 - By Harley Farmer

What’s in a word? Depending on who you speak to  eczema is a mild nuisance or a prelude to life threatening sepsis. That’s a massive variation for one word.

Now try two words; cure and end.

To offer a “cure” using a product means a medical claim which requires the product to be registered as a medicine. Consider the huge amount Pfizer is investing to register it’s crisaborole topical ointment. It’s a new drug that reduces the inflammation in eczema. Pfizer will want a commercial return on their investment and that requires people to view the inflammation in eczema as a BAD thing.

What if the inflammation is a GOOD thing? It’s nature’s response to a cause, isn’t it? Which means you have the choice to stop using the cause. No cause means no inflammation.

When you view eczema inflammation as bad you enter the “cure” thinking and need a drug which earns a drug company a lot of profits. Each time the eczema flares you can use the drug again generating more profits.

When you realise the eczema inflammation is good and what nature intended you enter the “end” thinking and stop using the skincare products which cause the problem and the skin heals itself. You then know how to prevent flares so you have a genuine end to eczema. No flares and no repeat profits.

I’m the CEO and major shareholder in a commercial company so why would I value no repeat profits? Because I genuinely get a thrill from seeing great happiness in the eyes of a child I’ve helped escape from prolonged eczema misery. My company’s mission is to create happiness through healthy skin in 75 million people around the world before 2020. Now you can see why I put people before profits; just a tiny amount once from each of 75 million people is ample financial return for my small company. Huge multinationals like Pfizer need more so they need to do things differently.

That is choice and I favour choice.

Some people with eczema crave a drug to cure their eczema each time it flares and those people should be given that choice. Luckily for them companies like Pfizer are investing a fortune in the hope of earning a greater fortune. Both the people seeking a drug and the companies are well served by this option which is how it should be.

My chosen purpose in life is to create happiness through healthy skin. People who want that will gravitate my way. They become members of the Dr Harley family and we know how wonderful it is when family members help each other.

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