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Drugs, Champions and Eczema.

Posted 25/08/2016 - By Harley Farmer

People who end eczema forever are true champions. They battled against the challenges and they won. Yet that’s just the beginning of their involvement in ending eczema.

Consider the Olympics. Millions of sportspeople around the world battle the challenges for years. Then during an intense two week period at the Olympic Games a select few win Gold. They won and the prize is theirs forever. Yet that’s just the beginning as their fame allows them to help others strive for excellence.

Millions of people have eczema. Many have battled it for years. We help a select few become champions by showing them how to end their eczema forever. Our natural way of ending eczema avoids the need for drugs, just as we hope the Olympic champions have avoided drugs.

Using drugs provides short-term gains.

When sporting drug users are discovered they are branded as drug cheats forever. Their short-term gain is followed by misery.

When drugs like steroids are used with eczema there is short-term gain when the redness goes away. And then the misery returns. It’s a well trodden path; drug – short-term relief – misery – drug …

If you know children with aspirations of sporting excellence would you want them guided by Olympic drug users? Probably not when you realise that’s the path to prolonged misery.

If you know children with eczema who are hoping for beautiful skin would you want them guided by drug users? Probably not when you realise that’s the path to prolonged misery.

Millions of people with eczema know that path; they’re on it and can look forward to more misery. Or they can be guided by those who have chosen our natural path and seen the misery disappear forever. They are EXeczema® champions and they want to share their successes. You can see some of them in the videos on this site.

If you want to use drugs they are readily available. It’s a path you can choose. Nature is offering another path and that’s the one we guide people along.

You can learn more in my book “What is eczema? A path to ending the misery.” You will find the natural path which leads to happiness through healthy skin.  Each success is another EXeczema® champion who can then help others achieve excellence. Just click here for the book.