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Diet and eczema.

Posted 29/06/2016 - By Harley Farmer

How can something that’s swallowed affect the skin?

To help someone with that question I suggest that if something swallowed induces a skin reaction then avoid swallowing it. The skin can become reddened within minutes of swallowing something unfavourable. Precisely how that happens is complicated so I prefer to simply offer one of my favourite phrases:

If the skin does not like it, the skin does not like it.

One mother was really confused when her baby turned bright red minutes after being fed organic porridge. She’d bought it from a leading brand with a strong reputation for the care of babies. She had been careful to ensure the label said the oats and cow milk used to make the porridge were organic. This alarming incident induced the mother to ask me if this confirmed her little girl had food allergies.

I asked if she had ever given her baby organic oats or organic cow milk before? She had and neither had caused any skin reaction. We then checked the website of the company who sold her the dry porridge and specifically asked how many of the milk products had been processed? Obviously something had been done as the milk from the cows was wet and this product was dry.

Then came the key questions:

What chemicals had been used in the processing?

They do not need to be listed on the label. The milk may have come from an organic source yet by the time the baby swallowed the product something had been added that turned this child’s skin red.

Were any of those processing chemicals left in the porridge?

Without doing detailed forensic analysis we’ll never know. Yet the mother automatically assumed the red skin indicted allergies and an eczema flare-up. That’s what mothers feel they are led to believe. They’re told eczema is a complicated topic so surely it’s made up of complicated pieces.

In this case it was neither eczema nor allergies to oats or cow milk. However the mother automatically thought that way rather than daring to question the brand name she wanted to trust. That’s sad and unfair. The mother has enough to worry about without her trusted brand letting her down like this.

Other babies may be fine with that processed porridge yet this was a frightening lesson on how much her baby’s skin “did not like it”. Now when organic porridge is on the menu the mother makes it at home with organic oats and organic milk. Easy, fast, nutritious and not confusing. Yes, it takes longer than adding water to a purchased dry product although it takes a lot less time than frantically worrying about why her baby has turned red.

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