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Dads can help end eczema

Posted 17/05/2016 - By Harley Farmer

Men and women are different; as demonstrated when babies are made! During pregnancy and breast feeding the gender difference remains obvious. However when a young baby who is being breast fed develops eczema it becomes an issue for both parents.

The global epidemic of eczema in children transcends societal boundaries. Where the mother does all the childcare a child’s eczema is entirely the mother’s responsibility but the fathers still feel for their child. Even where child duties are shared it takes a strong man to speak out honestly about how he was affected by his child’s eczema.

Jon is one such champion who has provided the video below to help other parents end eczema in their children.

Jon beginningJon is a successful businessman, he tackles problems at their source and readily finds answers to questions from friends, colleagues, books

and the internet. He favours the natural approach which often means stepping back to let nature take its course so thing s settle back into balance. Finding answers is what Jon does best. But what happens when the relevant question is not apparent? No question means no answer and when you lack the answer you lack control

When his daughter Sienna developed severe eczema at an early age the family doctors advised that the parents smother the little baby in creams and use steroids to stop the inflammation. That advice was followed even though it seemed a very unnatural way to proceed. When it became obvious the creams were making the eczema worse, Jon took action and did his “man-research thing” seeking advice from all his usual sources. The result was greater confusion, lack of control and a screaming baby in complete misery.

As you will see in his video, when Jon and his partner Sophie were introduced to the Dr Harley approach they learned the clue which made Sienna different from their other two children who had not suffered from eczema. Sienna was a cute little chubby baby doing really well on breast milk. It was a matter of natural physics as she was one of the many individuals who react if they can’t release heat from the skin. Her chubby neck folds had creases which would not let the heat out. That caused hot spots and applying the doctor’s eczema creams escalated what was simply hot skin into eczema.

Jon then knew the creams were the cause of Sienna’s eczema yet the source of the whole issue was heat in skin folds. He tackled the source with a cold flannel and Sienna now has wonderful baby skin.

Child eczema gives Dads a chance to take action and use their “man-logic”. You become part of the winning team and gain extra support when you send me before and after videos and photos of your baby’s skin to drh@dr-harley.com.

The quickest way to have all the information while simultaneously ending the eczema is to buy the Introduction Pack on dr-harley.com.