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Cool it!

Posted 29/04/2016 - By Harley Farmer

Sophie was introduced to me by a mutual friend who happened to notice Sophie’s little girl had eczema on the face. Greta did not known how extensive Sienna’s eczema was as only her face was visible.

Sophie quickly began the EXeczema programme which meant she stopped using the previous skincare products. It was mid-December and I opted to ask how the family would feel if the eczema was gone by Christmas? It was a calculated risk on my part based on the positive attitude Sophie and Jon (her partner and Sienna’s dad) had on the new approach to eczema I was offering.

Everything went to plan and Sophie sent a sequence of photos which gave me confidence that all the steps where being followed. Just before Christmas Sophie sent me a photo of Sienna in a Father Christmas hat which I used in my Christmas blog post. The eczema was gone. Sienna had gone through the stages we would expect for babies under 6 months of age who were still being breast fed.

A week later Sophie and Jon reported new red areas of skin and since they lived near me I opted to visit. Sienna actually had what is commonly known as ‘hot spots’; folds of skin where heat could not escape. She was a lovely chubby baby which meant her short baby neck had rolls of skin with deep crevices. Placing your finger in the folds demonstrated the intense heat. You can see the hot red folds in the video on http://bit.ly/1N6Prav.

This was not eczema as several weeks earlier they had ceased using the products which had previously kept Sienna in the eczema trap. Sienna is simply one of those people who want to release extra heat through their skin. I’m of that nature and even on cold nights I have trouble sleeping unless I can have at least one foot poking out from the bed covers. I’ve been like that all my life and citing my example allowed Sophie and Jon to appreciate Sienna seemed to be the same.

What they needed to do was cool the hot spots. For the elbow and knee flexures a can of drink taken from the fridge was ideal. However Sienna’s short baby neck meant the can would not fit, so I suggested a flannel wet in iced water. There was no disease here; it was simply hot skin in the chubby folds. The iced water did what you would expect and Sienna’s hot spots ceased to be hot.

Sienna’s escape from eczema and subsequent salvation rested in Sophie and Jon realising they were simply dealing with patches of hot skin where heat was being trapped. There was no disease so there was no need for a drug treatment or skincare products.

What they needed was common sense and an understanding of what Sienna’s skin was telling them. You can see from the video of Sophie and Sienna that all is now well and we have a wonderful happy baby with beautiful skin.

This story demonstrates the importance of differentiating between eczema and less troublesome causes of skin redness.