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Buried non-secrets

Posted 02/06/2016 - By Harley Farmer

Roman writing tablets buried for two thousand years under London confirm a non-secret we always suspected. As Jack Malvern said today in The Times “Roman writing tablets show that London was a place of disreputable traders, financiers with poor judgement and beer lovers. How things change.”

Less than a decade ago the financiers operating just above the mud which preserved the writing tablets showed what poor judgement can still achieve. The 2008 financial collapse was predicted by those who cared to look yet their comments were ‘buried’ for being inconvenient to those with money and influence.

History suggests the 2008 collapse was due to ‘financiers with poor judgment’.

Yet from the financiers perspective, was it poor judgment or shrewd actions knowing they would not be the ones who suffered? The public bailed out the banks to our continued individual cost. Perhaps the mantle of ‘disreputable traders’ better fits the London financiers who made lots of money knowing it would be the public who suffered.

Could the 2008 collapse represent ‘disreputable traders’ with incredibly good financial judgement? If so, those with money and influence win and the public suffers.

In my book What is eczema? I reveal some writing I found ‘buried’ in medical literature. One scientific article published two decades ago provides evidence that mineral oil applied to skin penetrates making it harder for the skin to form an effective Skin Barrier. A damaged skin barrier lets more water out so the skin feels dry and ‘those with money and influence’ sell moisturisers based on mineral oil, the very chemical which induced the problem. On the basis of the evidence and out of a choice of two, would you say that sale suggested ‘poor judgement’ or ‘disreputable trader’?

When the mineral oil in the moisturiser penetrates, the skin reacts with inflammation which we call eczema. Then doctors prescribe products like creams that contain mineral oil which gets into the skin making the skin barrier even less effective maintaining the eczema. Dermatologists should know what’s ‘buried’ in their evidence-based literature yet they continue to advise the use of skincare products containing mineral oil for the management of eczema. Might this suggest that ‘those with money and influence’ are choosing to disregard what is ‘buried’ in their literature? They certainly make money while millions of children suffer needless misery from prolonged eczema. Given the evidence and out of a choice of two, would you say their advice makes you think of ‘poor judgement’ or ‘disreputable trader’?

Just as the archeologists reveal the non-secrets of Roman London, I reveal the non-secrets doctors don’t tell you about how to end eczema.

You can leave it all ‘buried’ or join me in generating happiness through healthy skin. I hope you chose to share the evidence and help free the children from eczema.

My book is available from dr-harley.com