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Atopic Eczema is easily explained.

Posted 21/12/2016 - By Harley Farmer

Dry skin and winter go together. Applying skin moisturisers ends the dryness for many people.

For millions of others applying those moisturisers creates eczema misery:

  • They call it Atopic Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis.
  • Atopic is a medical word meaning they don’t understand why the skin goes red and itchy.

In fact it’s been very easy to understand since 1992 when the evidence was published in a respected medical journal.

The evidence relates to the mineral oil in most skincare products. It’s given names like soft paraffin, paraffinum and many more.

  • They tell you mineral oil forms a waterproof barrier ON the dry skin so water can’t get out.
  • They don’t tell you what the evidence proves; that the mineral oil actually goes IN the skin.

When such a chemical is IN the skin you would expect the immune system to react with inflammation to push that chemical out. It’s simple, isn't it?.

The 1992 reference for the evidence and a full explanation are in my book What is Eczema? A path to ending the misery.

Don’t let them tell you its complicated and fob you off with copout words like Atopic. The redness is what you would expect so it’s very easy to understand.

Has your doctor told you about this evidence? Perhaps nobody told the doctor! That’s sad as they claim to be “evidence based” professionals? That’s the only hard part to understand, wouldn't you agree? Especially when it leads to prolonged misery in children.

Any child who suffered from Atopic Eczema in the last quarter of a century did so while this 1992 evidence was being ignored.

  • How do you feel about that?
  • Were you one such child?
  • Is your child now suffering eczema misery?

Knowing this evidence means you can end eczema within weeks. Learn more on dr-harley.com