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Antibiotics can precede eczema.

Posted 07/09/2016 - By Harley Farmer

We’re being told antibiotics can precede eczema.

Here we go again …

… more confusion pumped into the eczema debate.

We’re seeing a new flurry of press reports about antibiotic use in children being followed by eczema.

To be fair I believe the association as many reputable scientific articles have shown the same. The issue arises when advisers fail to realise how much damage can happen when the confusion is allowed to persist.

Consider this:

  • two parents who’ve both had eczema now have a tiny baby
  • since both are atopic they know there’s a 90% chance their child will develop eczema
  • as hoped they’re desperate to avoid their beautiful child suffering the misery of eczema
  • they’re told their baby desperately needs antibiotics
  • they have heard “antibiotics can lead to eczema”
  • they delay therapy while they worry over their fear of them causing eczema in their child
  • this was one case where the antibiotics were critically needed
  • their baby dies because the bacteria were allowed too great a head start.

The problem in this imagined scenario is the confusion rather than the antibiotics or eczema.

  • Antibiotics have side effects, like any drug.
  • Eczema can be ended within weeks, like any imbalance.

So the base problem is something other than antibiotics and eczema. It’s the confusion which is widespread among doctors as well as the public. That’s really sad as eczema can be explained very easily and then ended equally easily. When there’s no eczema the side effects of antibiotics cease to be an issue.

Antibiotics are valuable drugs and many children are alive today because their parents had bacterial infections treated with antibiotics when they were children. During that generation gap eczema was allowed to become confusing and that’s the problem we can now solve.

Remaining confused is a choice. All the information needed to overcome it is available free of charge on our websites and greater details can be found in my books. The best place to start is on dr-harley.com