COVID-19 brought reality into this 2009 passage from The Reaper’s Rainbow.

“And to make matters worse, it now seems as though we are putting the very people we most need into direct contact with a contagious and fatal disease. The thought of placing more of them into the firing line just at the stage when we need them most is too dreadful to contemplate.”

“But that is what will happen. And they will insist on doing it, especially if their colleagues become the patients.”

In that fictional novel I introduced an imagined microbe which spread with devastating effect within hospitals. Healthcare workers caught it at work and while they were dying their colleagues became infected from them.

I had spent years suggesting hospital systems would benefit from greater reserve capacity. It was my firm belief that it would take only one new contagious microbe for their systems to be severely compromised.

The greatest weakness was specialised healthcare workers as they could not be replaced quickly during a pandemic crisis.

The novel’s purpose was to help hospital management teams realise how badly they were serving their public during normal times and how much they were exposing their healthcare workers should an infectious crisis arise.

Jump forward 10 years and the COVID pandemic showed how right I was. That’s really sad as it did not need to happen.

So predictable it’s scary.

Over 2 million COVID-19 deaths augment the message. Is the message being acted on yet? Apparently not. The WHO still suggest alcohol hand sanitisers. The inadequacy of those products was the underlying message in The Reaper’s Rainbow. A decade later they are the full message in Coronoia® Alcohol sanitisers fuel the pandemic?