In early December, we received a very welcome and positive update concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, with the UK becoming the first country in the world to approve a potential vaccine and judge it safe for use. By the second week in December, Pfizer/BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine was rolled out in many UK hospitals and the mass vaccination, carried out by the NHS, began.

This is a pivotal moment in the fight against the pandemic and whilst the NHS gets started on the mammoth vaccination process, it’s crucial that we all continue working together and are staying safe over Christmas to save lives.

Our Festive Celebrations Could Help The COVID-19 Coronavirus

Celebrations tend to favour the virus and how we behave over the festive period will be the difference between actively helping SARS-CoV-2 to spread, or keeping it suppressed.

The simplest way to keep this coronavirus suppressed is to reduce the R value.

oR And iR

When the R value is discussed, it relates to the COVID-19 virus outside people and ignores what is happening inside the body. To better understand both of these concepts, I suggest the outer R value and the inner R value: oR and iR.

We need to consider these together and reduce both of them to successfully bring down the R value.

The oR value can be effectively reduced with methods including social distancing, wearing face coverings and using hand sanitisers.

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers, used to bring down the oR value, emit solvent vapours when applied. When breathed in, these solvent vapours weaken a protective mucus that should be defending the specialised cells deep in the lungs which the COVID-19 virus attacks. This means that whilst alcohol-based hand sanitisers help to bring down the oR value, they increase the iR value and in doing so, fail to reduce the R value as a whole.

What Is The Solution?

Simple: use alcohol-free hand sanitisers, like NewGenne’s Foam Hand Rub, which are widely available throughout the world. When applied, these products will successfully bring down both the oR and iR values, allowing us to reduce the R value and keep the virus suppressed.

We Will Win

Please stay safe over the Christmas period and into the new year to keep the COVID-19 coronavirus suppressed and protect others. Avoid alcohol-based hand sanitisers at all costs, maintain good hygiene practices with safe and efficient products like those produced by NewGenne, adhere to the localised measures in place and help to save lives. By working together, we will win.

Coronoia (2nd Edition)

The promised update of my non-fiction book, Coronoia: What the W.H.O. failed to tell us and the UK Cabinet refused to hear, is coming soon! Coronoia (2nd Edition) includes the very latest information available on COVID-19 and you can keep up-to-date on its release via my social media channels.