People with my clinical qualifications are supposed to offer drugs to overcome diseases, however, my choice is to prevent diseases, negating any need for those drugs. The easiest way to prevent infection is by following good hygiene practices – both personal and environmental, using products that are gentle enough for safe use by all and that are good at cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting.

My company, NewGenne, supplies a wide range of gentle, effective, versatile and chemically compatible hygiene products to hospitals, clinics, businesses and domestic homes around the world.

You can now access our leading hygiene products in our online shop.

Our Products

All of the products that you will find in our shop are alcohol-free, proven to clean, sanitise and disinfect and suitable for use in all environments. This includes hospitals, clinical settings, schools, commercial units, restaurants, domestic homes and so much more.

NewGenne’s popular range includes our High Level Disinfectant, Antimicrobial Cleanser and Foam Hand Rub.

High Level Disinfectant

This versatile product is a lot nicer than its name suggests. Rapidly biodegradable, it just needs to be diluted to 1% in clean water and can be used on floors, hard and soft surfaces, glass and equipment.

Antimicrobial Cleanser

This extraordinary spray enables you to carry out all of your hygiene tasks with one simple product. It can achieve optimal hand hygiene, sanitise all kinds of surfaces – such as worktops, keyboards and payment devices – and prepare the examination bed for the next patient.

Foam Hand Rub

Like all of our products, this effective sanitiser is alcohol-free. An essential “pocket product”, it can sanitise hands when at home, at work or on the go!

These hygiene products share many things with each other. Not only are they great at what they do, but they are all chemically compatible and will not irritate the most sensitive skin. All our products also pass the EN 14476 test, which means that they can kill membrane-bound viruses like the COVID-19 coronavirus.

All of our hygiene products are available to purchase as single items or in bulk from our online shop!


During the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping good hygiene practices is just as important as ever. We have recently received some very positive news regarding possible vaccines but there remain huge challenges ahead and it is crucial for us all to continue working together to overcome this health crisis.

Stay safe, protect the most vulnerable and maintain optimal hygiene practices with gentle, effective and alcohol-free products like those in the NewGenne range.

Head to NewGenne’s website to read about the importance of using alcohol-free products, especially whilst we find ourselves in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact NewGenne for any further information.