Every year in the UK, 140,000 babies develop atopic eczema in the first year of their lives. This simply horrifying baby eczema statistic is something that EXeczema® is determined to eradicate.

I don’t want to believe that anybody could actually want to victimise our tiny babies and inflict such misery on these innocent, defenceless infants but what if such evil people do exist? After all, it is a fact that 20% of all children are affected by eczema. The mere thought that someone could be so nasty as to want this misery to continue is almost enough to make you want to write a book about it.

Hold that thought! Introducing The Black Tigress.

The Black Tigress

If these people could want tiny babies to develop eczema, what other heinous things could these villainous individuals be up to? There is only one way to stop them… to quite literally walk into the tigress’ den.

I really hope that the characters I have dreamt up in The Black Tigress do not exist in real life. I tell myself that it is only a story yet still, even I shudder when I re-read it. It is just too plausible.

The Black Tigress is my next novel in line to be released and will be published in due course. Proofreading has been completed so it is almost ready and all I ask of my eager audience is that they remain patient for a little while longer. At present, my valuable time is being spent doing all I can to help overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.

Future Novels

Further future novels of mine include Graviton, which I am presently halfway through writing, Stone Spirit, which is in bullet-point form at the moment and requires a lot more research, and Alien Twist. These novels will develop as time allows. Perhaps I will retire from my company and become a full-time writer so that I have the time to tell these stories of mine – who knows?

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