At present, my day job consists of doing everything that I, and my team at NewGenne, can to help overcome the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis.

This global pandemic has even inspired me to write and release my latest non-fiction book, Coronoia: What the W.H.O. failed to tell us and the UK Cabinet refused to hear, something which has delayed my upcoming and future novels. Of these, The Black Tigress is next in line for release and will be prepared for publication in due course.

What of my other thrilling future novels?

I have many other well-developed plots stashed away, involving some people who have joined me before and some other completely new characters that currently exist solely in my mind with only time needed to set them loose. Perhaps, one day, I will retire from my company and become a full-time writer.

One particular novel that I am presently halfway through writing is Graviton.


I would say that Graviton will be with you soon but, as editors seem to delight in reminding me, “soon” is a relative term with novelists.

A fast-moving and gripping work of fiction, I have two aims with Graviton:

The first is to deliver a story that runs to completion in just four hours – Graviton is a novel in which the plot moves faster than most fast readers can keep up with.

My second aim is for Graviton to be my first novel set in Cambridge, England. With so many important scientific discoveries having appeared out of Cambridge’s Fenland mist, when something completely unexpected happens in the city it will seem more probable. With this, I have assumed poetic licence and all I have to do is ensure that the story is credible – on the edge of credibility, of course, yet still credible.

Playing With A Tiny Piece Of New Science

As a part-time novelist, I gladly admit that I am a hopeless romantic and as a result, happy endings tend to prevail.

I gain great pleasure from taking a tiny piece of new science and then playing with it. Conveying an expectant and trusting audience on new and thrilling journeys is a true privilege which provides me with the opportunity to introduce a new message each time.

Dr Harley

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