Winter is almost upon us and this particular season is known to be a common trigger for many eczema sufferers, with colder temperatures, harsher weather and less sunlight having a negative impact on the health and happiness of their skin. Tragically, this can rapidly escalate into dry, cracked, itchy and sore patches of eczema.

Does your eczema get worse in the winter months?

What Is Eczema?

Dr Harley’s must-read non-fiction book, What is eczema? A path to ending the misery, was written to resemble a sequence of coaching sessions.

Dr Harley suffered from severe eczema on his face and chest at university. When training to become a veterinary surgeon, his learning of disease processes developed, bringing him to the realisation that his eczema was actually his skin reacting in a protective manner against the very products he was using to treat this condition- the treatment was the cause. Decades later, nurses were thanking Dr Harley for ending their chronic hand eczema which suggested he had something to offer and he wrote his first book as a result.

Throughout What is eczema?…, Dr Harley shares his knowledge and experience of eczema together with medical facts and their references to reinforce the reader’s confidence in the content and information provided. Also included are many EXeczema® success stories and a 5,000 word review of the medical literature as an appendix. These success stories demonstrate how people of all ages and from around the world have achieved a different and a much more desirable outcome having learnt the cause of their individual eczema.

Some of these people are now in control of their skin for the very first time and are able to ensure that their healthy, natural and beautiful complexion remains in happy balance. They no longer have to contend with the misery of living with eczema and can share their new knowledge and understanding with others who can also benefit from this.

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