After 9/11, America quickly pinned Al-Qaeda on foreign soil – or did they? When a mysterious illness begins to kill essential financiers, Karen believes that Al-Qaeda is unleashing a new weapon. In their drive to cripple our economies, has the focus shifted from attacking buildings to eliminating strategic individuals? Karen is alone in her beliefs – until a massive explosion delivers some unlikely allies.

Dr Harley And The Reaper’s Rainbow

Up until recently, thousands of needless deaths were arising from infections in UK hospitals every year – a tragic statistic that many supposedly advanced national hospital systems share. I chose to focus my efforts into reducing hospital infections which led to me asking questions that hospital management found too uncomfortable and I noticed that previously open doors began to close. I wrote The Reaper’s Rainbow to gain the attention of influential people.

The Reaper’s Rainbow became my first novel in 2009 but this was never actively publicised as its main purpose was to be a management tool.

My thriller was a success, although some readers began referring to it as a romance. I learnt a lot, and not only that I could write a ripping thriller – and perhaps a romance.

The Reaper’s Rainbow earned me an invitation to write a chapter in an infection prevention textbook which now forms part of professional education and the success of my debut novel has continued, with more copies having found their way to happy readers than most other novels.

Playing With New Science

I gain great joy from taking a piece of new science and playing with it. I have some well-developed plots stashed away with characters already existing in my mind – some who have joined me before and others who are completely new people, with only time needed to set them loose.

As a part-time novelist, conveying an expectant and trusting audience on new and exciting journeys is a privilege. I choose whether each story has a sad or happy ending and have the chance to introduce a new message each time.

My future novels will develop as time allows – you can read about some of these on my website and keep up with all the latest news via my social media channels.