How does a boy from the Australian outback become influential in global disease prevention and go from the boy who loves new questions to the man who shares new answers?

Growing Up

I was raised in the Australian outback, a place where you learn to keep everything in balance if you want to survive. It is a harsh environment where prevention is better, easier and safer than cure, and is a place that contains many potential dangers including vast deserts, massive crocodiles and lethal snakes and spiders. One way or another, a single wrong move can kill you and this is why you learn to care for those around you and ensure that everyone stays alert and alive.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

I love science, philosophy and debate, however, the tool that I rely on most of all is common sense. A little new knowledge and a lot of common sense provide people with an understanding and confidence that allows them to prevent problems before they start. This combination of new knowledge and common sense enables people to defeat diseases and prevent future infections.

At university, I suffered from a severe form of eczema. I was training to become a veterinary surgeon at the time and, as my learning of disease processes developed, I came to the realisation that my eczema was in fact my skin reacting in a protective manner against the products I was applying to treat it. The treatment was the cause.

Why was eczema not being explained to eczema sufferers and the parents of children suffering from this insidious skin condition?

Written Works

I wrote What is eczema? A path to ending the misery as though it was a series of coaching sessions with the aim of having the parents of children with atopic eczema come to their own realisation that the products they were being advised to apply to their child’s skin were the real problem. Also included within this are many success stories from across the globe, medical facts from peer-reviewed medical articles and a review of the medical literature that has been written on this topic.

I also write fiction novels in which I gain great joy from taking a tiny piece of new science and playing with it. My first of these was The Reaper’s Rainbow back in 2009, with The Black Tigress the next in line to be released.

As a part-time novelist, I choose whether each story has a sad or happy ending and those who like the endings ask for more. Conveying an expectant and trusting audience is a privilege which brings with it the chance of introducing a new message each time.

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